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"The Cloud" for your business

Imagine a company that not only understands your needs but that also invests in the latest technologies and the brightest minds. Find out how our hosting solutions can help you build successful web sites and apps.

The Cloud that thinks

Like a powerful, reliable cloud, Avalon is built from the inside out to deliver speed and scale. Powerful processors and storage make your site fast. Web servers allow you to build your site however you like. IPV6 support lets you run dozens of sites all over the world From early planning to implementing fun new ideas, Avalon was designed to give you the freedom to act quickly on your creative ideas.

Building a Faster Web

Your content. Your way. With Avalond hosting, create websites so fast that you'll swear it's a pleasure to use. Rapidly develop features and applications with the speed, security and scalability of Cloud.

Your most secure Internet Experience

We have invested significantly in our physical and cloud infrastructure to ensure that all data remains safe, secure, and private. This vigilance for anonymity is one of the reasons why we have become one of the most popular

Reliable Hosting for Everyone

Enterprise-level reliability, scalability, and control at a price designed for small to medium organizations.

Easy Interface . Happy You

Easy-to-use panel and tools to manage your hosting and sites.

Our client area is designed in-house to guarantee an easier user experience along with superior efficiency to match industry standards in hosting management.

Fexibility in choice of Data Center

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Real-time server health checks

Need a website but don’t know where to start? We give you a full solution including your choice of sitebuilder and the support you need to launch your site.

Smart WAF to protect you from exploits

Get free automated WordPress migration with an easy to use WordPress plugin or a professional website transfer done by our experts.

AI anti-bot against malicious traffic

All our managed WordPress plans include WordPress installation, automated migrations, automatic updates, advanced caching, and expert WordPress support.

24/7 system administration team

We have an awesome set of tools that allow you to easily manage your clients, collaborate on sites, and transfer ownership of newly built sites to clients.